We are a closely-knit network of partners consisting of world-class entities and innovators specializing in the monetization of both patents and ideas. Our sole mission is to assist owners of ideas and patents monetize their intellectual property. In the past few years our innovators have created and sold dozens of ideas and/or patent portfolios of their own, and have assisted their clients do the same.  Our corporate members have either bought patent portfolios, brokered patent deals, licensed their patents to licensees, been awarded judgments or have entered into settlements with third parties, in dollar amounts ranging between tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

We are true partners. All the services we provide are success-based.  This means that we assume all the risks and significant costs of evaluating and monetizing your patents and ideas. You, the patent or idea owner, are not responsible for any costs we incur until you receive money from your intellectual property.  


Monte Silver. U.S./Israel attorney, Tech entrepreneur & yazamIP.com founder

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